Why Valpeo / Value proposition

Valpeo was founded to help organizations reach their full potential. Our name says it: We Value People and Organizations. We employ a comprehensive, research-based methodology to help our clients create maximum value.

We build a community of dedicated internal and external consultants, for whom Value Creation is a central commitment.

All organizations, whether big or small, local or global, private or public work to add value to the stakeholders they serve. They seek to attract customers, talent, investors, and suppliers to convince them of their value proposition and aim to grow within the context in which they operate. Valpeo supports the sustainability of that ambition by helping to align people, roles, culture, pay, strategy, and board. By starting from “value to create” as the overall frame of reference.

Valpeo® is a business intelligence platform that provides an organization with methods to obtain a fully integrated insight into:

  • The level at which value is created.
  • The extent to which strategy, culture and organizational structure support that value creation process.
  • The current capability and performance of current and new employees to add value.
  • The cultural fit of employees with the organization.
  • The future potential of your people to add value.
  • The way value is rewarded in a fair, competitive, equitable way.
  • The dynamics of the board to support that value creation process.

Handling the question of sustainability begins with a rigorous assessment of how an organization adds value and how it deals with the complexity of the external environment. Our method draws from scientific research done by Dr. Elliott Jaques (research about how people handle complexity), Robert Kegan Ph. D., (research about the process of meaning-making) and Prof. Emeritus Shalom H. Schwartz (research about human values). The governing philosophy behind Valpeo® has been compiled in the book ‘The disruptive competence, The journey to a sustainable business, from matter to meaning.’