Valuing people

Sustainable organizations invest by default in human resources. Getting the right people in place requires aligning people with the complexity they have to manage and the company values they are willing to share. This requires finding a proper fit for each person’s values, capabilities and competencies.

Values can be defined as the conscious and subconscious needs that drive behavior. They need to be aligned with organizational values that drive business strategy. Capability is the mental processing capability of an individual to handle the complexity of her / his role. Competencies are the skill set a role requires.

Our hiring tool supports your ability to fill positions by understanding the complexity candidates can handle, what competencies they bring, and what value they are able to add, today and in the future.

Valpeo’s Capability Mapping will help you in the process of:

  • Searching, recruiting and selecting people;
  • Promoting people into more senior positions;