Valuing culture

Companies invest heavily in achieving their growth ambitions. Realizing these ambitions depends not only on strategy and structure, but also on a culture that emphasizes value creation. Creating value therefore requires aligning values.

Culture can be defined as a set of shared values of the members of an organization, which makes it critical to understand what these people value. Culture Mapping aims to achieve an in-depth understanding of the cultures within your organization.

To align the subcultures to your business strategy, we will help you in defining:

  • What type of culture and values will power your business strategy.
  • What type of subcultures are dominant within your organization.
  • How these different subcultures either support or hinder strategy.
  • How you can align your strategy with existing cultures.
  • Anticipate foreseeable challenges.

Identifying and understanding different subcultures inside the organization will help maintain effective engagement and performance, and help you retain your key asset: your people.

Valpeo® methods are built on the pioneering research work of Prof. Emeritus Shalom H. Schwartz.