Our Solutions

Our Valpeo® products help you to support various aspects of value creation.
In order to create value there must be:

  • A clear awareness of the levels at which value has to be created (the complexity that has to be managed).
  • A strategy that provides a way to achieve this.
  • Employees that are capable of adding value at their level.
  • An organizational design that makes this possible.
  • An adapted remuneration policy.
  • A performance management system that is value-driven.
  • A culture that support the value creation process.
  • A board that manages the principles and ethics of that value creation process.

Valuing strategy

Sustainable organizations require an awareness of the way they align themselves with their external environment and the value they create.

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Valuing human capital

Valpeo® Talent Mapping centers on managing human capital. It helps you find the latent potential in your organization.

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Valuing pay

Attracting and retaining talent is always the first priority for any successful organization, and good remuneration policies are key to this practice.

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Valuing culture

Companies invest heavily in achieving their growth ambitions. Realizing these ambitions depends not only on strategy and structure, but also on a culture that emphasizes value creation. Creating value therefore requires aligning values.

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Valuing roles

Valpeo® Role Mapping helps you define the added value and complexity particular to each of the different roles within your organization. It helps you to analyze how your organizational design can create value in a more efficient and effective way.

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Valuing board

Our Board Mapping brings out the best in your Board, helping you to measure its dynamics and the way it not only deals with the risks of the present but also with the challenges of the future.

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Valuing people

Sustainable organizations invest by default in human resources. Getting the right people in place requires aligning people with the complexity they have to manage and the company values they are willing to share. This requires finding a proper fit for each person’s values, capabilities and competencies.

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